Why Up For Paws

Why choose Up For Paws daycare for your dog?


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When you are at work or out of town, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dog is mentally stimulated, exercised and well taken care of.

At Up For Paws, your dogs will enjoy the following services:

  • Dog Daycare
  • Dog Boarding
  • Daily Updates
  • Dog Socialization
  • Positive Reinforcement communication
  • Pack Walks
  • Dog Puzzles
  • Nap time with soothing music
  • Nutritious gluten-free/grain free dog treats
  • Convenient transport to pick up and drop off dogs from their homes

We Evaluate All Dogs

By interviewing all our dogs beforehand, we get to know each dog individually. This step ensures that your dog socializes at the pace she is comfortable with in a supervised and safe environment.

During daycare we have play sessions, confidence work, and quiet times where dogs lay down for a nap. All activities are monitored and dogs are encouraged to interact in a controlled and positive manner.

At Up For Paws we treat each dog as an individual with their own history, expectations and needs. Starting with your interview, we believe in developing an ongoing relationship by keeping up-to-date with your dog. We love discussions regarding health, nutrition, behaviour and lifestyle with each of your visits, and we hope to provide support to our dog owners through advice, references and trainings.

Our Staff Are 100% Force-Free

Our full-time staff have all undergone force-free, clicker training and positive reinforcement training courses by the Karen Pryor Academy. The US-based Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior is an educational institution that teaches inspired animal training through innovative programs designed for both experienced and aspiring teachers.

Our Staff Are Certified Canine First Aid Responders

Above getting trained by the Karen Pryor Academy, Up For Paw’s full-time staff are all certified as Canine First Responders and are able to provide first aid care in the case of any emergency. Read more here!

We Use Caring Products

We only use eco-cleaning products that are gentle on your pup’s paws and bodies. All of our cleaning agents do not contain chemical components that harm.

Space is Limited

Not all dogs will be enrolled at Up For Paws. Every dog will undergo a compulsory behavioral assessment to ensure the safety of our pack. Only neutered dogs with up-to-date vaccinations, flea control, and that are willing to socialize, are likely to be accepted at Up For Paws dog daycare. All sizes and breeds are welcome.

Once your dog is accepted into our daycare service, your dog may board with us at any time! We would love to be your daycare partner for the long haul.

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